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For stay-at- home mothers who have had to put their careers on hold to raise the children, you will know how daunting it feels when... Virtual Secretary

For stay-at- home mothers who have had to put their careers on hold to raise the children, you will know how daunting it feels when you are trying to get back into the workforce. Not only do you have to overcome self-doubt of your ability, but you also have to silence the negative thoughts in your head: “What if I’m too old for the job? What if I don’t have what it takes to do the job? What if my skills, qualifications and experience are just not in demand anymore?” Are these thoughts real? Sure, to some extent. Should we let them debilitate us to the point of not doing anything? Absolutely not!

If you are one of those mothers, take courage in what a friend of mine used to say: “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb because that is where the fruit is.” With that in mind, I started looking for part-time or casual work that allowed me to work and still be on-call for my younger son’s diabetes care. Every now and then I scour the job sites to see what is out there and what fields are in demand. There are the usual on-site jobs that have existed for years. Then there are the work from home jobs that involve cold calling.

However, now there is also a range of jobs that used to be foreign to me, such as online jobs. These are jobs that in the past were performed on-site, but because of the advent of the Internet, they can now be performed off-site from any place with an Internet connection. One such job is a virtual secretary. Who would have thought that you could work as a secretary from the comfort of your own home? Having worked in a relatively large organization in the past, I can see the benefits of online jobs.

For the employer, it’s the cost savings on office space and overhead expenses of running an office. For the employee, it’s the flexibility to work when they want away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and a busy office. Yet, online jobs would not be possible if not for the Internet and fast Internet connections like broadband. Broadband connections allow the user to send and receive a high amount of data via the Internet. Internet providers in Australia offer a variety of broadband plans to suit every user’s budget and usage need. Broadband plans can be delivered wireless or via a fixed line.

For frequent Internet users who download large amounts of files, there are unlimited Internet plans that allow for unlimited downloads. I was amused when I saw the job advertisement for a virtual secretary because I have worked as a secretary in one of my former jobs. It was a hands-on job that required me to be present in the office. Never would I have imagined that such a job could be performed via the Internet.


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