Spiders are one of the most feared insects, especially in Australia. We have so many of them that it seems inevitable that we will come... SPIDERS – FRIEND OR FOE?

Spiders are one of the most feared insects, especially in Australia. We have so many of them that it seems inevitable that we will come across them. What we don’t want, however, is to come across a few of them…especially in our homes. Pest control is the best option, by preventing the insects from making their homes in our homes.

There are two types of spiders, webbing spiders and ground dwelling spiders. Yes – they sound spookier by the second! There’s no need to worry though, most spiders are, in fact, not dangerous, and rather, beneficial to the environment. The distinction of these two groups is obvious – ground dwelling spiders live in the ground, and webbing spiders build webs and lie waiting in those.

To prevent potential injury or infestation from ground dwelling spiders, avoid leaving clothes, shoes, or other things that a spider could hide in over night. Take a look over your property, and repair any holes, or crevices around the place that could be the perfect dwelling for a ground dwelling spider.

Webbing spiders are a little harder to prevent, but are better distinguished over ground dwelling spiders. Regular maintenance of your home, such as brushing down the outside is the key for webbing spiders. Something you may not think of is making sure external lights are switched off at night. These lights attract insects, which in turn attract spiders, hunting for food.

If you do find a spider in your home, and you’re certain that it’s not poisonous, capture it and safely place it outside. Some of the more dangerous spiders that are common in Australia, starting from the most dangerous, are the Sydney funnel-web spider, the Redback spider, the White-tailed spider and the mouse spider. There is an antivenom for the Sydney funnel-web spider and the Redback, and so no fatalities since the invention. However, they still produce a painful bite and if you live rurally, you would not want to run the risk of a bite.

The Sydney funnel-web spider in a ground dwelling spider, also know to spin a web leading out the ground homes. The Redback is a webbing spider, and they rarely leave their web – so avoid them and you’ll generally avoid a bite. The White-tailed spider and the mouse spider will both require medical attention, but will not kill you. They obviously produce quite a nasty bite, however, so avoid provocation. Both of these spiders are ground dwelling, so check your shoes or other crevices.

Other common spiders that could bite are the Black and grey house spider and the Huntsman spider. Both can provide a rather painful bite, but are not serious and localised medical attention can be undertaken. If you are concerned of spiders around your home, hire a professional pest controller to inspect your home thoroughly. They may prevent a serious infestation!


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