Men’s hair wax Men’s hair wax
Hair wax sounds quite revolting but is in fact a hair styling product that contains wax and is used for “holding ” hair styles. Hair... Men’s hair wax

Hair wax sounds quite revolting but is in fact a hair styling product that contains wax and is used for “holding ” hair styles. Hair gel is also used for holding styles but it generally contains alcohol and so it dries out to become stiff in the hair. Hair wax doesn’t dry out due to its waxy consistency so the hair is held in position but remains pliable allowing for re-styling. Most hair waxes give a dull finish to the hair. Men’s hair pomade is a type of hair wax that also adds a shiny finish to the hair.

Brylcreem is the best known and one of the oldest hair products manufactured for men. It was introduced in 1928 and contains mineral oil, beeswax and water. Hair wax was invented by the Gauls (a region of Western Europe during the Roman era) to style hair as was originally soap-like in texture. A product called Brilliantine was invented in the 1900’s by French perfumer Edouard Pinaud. This was an oily liquid that was perfumed and designed to soften the hair and give shine. It specifically had men in mind as it was suitable for use on beards and moustaches as well. Unlike Brylcreem that came later, it didn’t offer a holding quality.

Modern hair waxes vary according to their holding strength and the finish that they leave on the hair and vary a great deal between manufacturers. Hair wax seems to be one styling product that is marketed equally to men and women with no clear labelling differences. Wax is particularly suited to short hair styles and this may be why it is the least gender divided hair styling product around.

When looking into men’s hair styling products I came across the Menscience website which markets a range of personal grooming products for men. The business was established in 2004 to provide men with a better range of choices than what is generally on offer in the supermarket or chemist.

The first products offered were treatments for razor burn from shaving and ingrown hairs but the range has expanded over the past ten years to include products for anti-aging, hair care, sports nutrition, shaving and acne treatment. The website also publishes an online magazine which features how-to videos and lots of information about skincare and grooming.

Menscience has a hair wax that does sound very good and has a nice finish judging from the how-to video. One problem that can occur with hair wax is that if used frequently it can cause a build up of product on the hair. As well as making hair harder to manage and style it is not good for the heath of the scalp or the hair. A good shampoo and conditioner are important but check out product reviews and recommendations for products that don’t leave a waxy build up on the hair.


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