Grooming Products for Men
Razors have been used since pre-historic times with the oldest razors dated to 18,000BC. Prehistoric razors were fashioned from shells, bone and flint and are featured in drawings made in caves. The Bronze Age (around 3000 – 600BC) saw razors made from bronze or obsidian, which is naturally occurring volcanic rock that... Read more
Men’s Grooming Products
Grooming products for men fall into one of three categories; those made for men specifically, those that are made for both men and women and those that are made for women but can be used by men. The choices in the made for men category are slim pickings. Men get a... Read more
Men’s Shaving Products
Men do a lot of shaving and have relatively coarse facial hair so they need good shaving products. The choice of razor and lubricant is a personal one but it is often what a man was shown to do as a young man rather than making a conscious choice. The most... Read more
Men’s hair wax

Men’s hair wax

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Hair wax sounds quite revolting but is in fact a hair styling product that contains wax and is used for “holding ” hair styles. Hair gel is also used for holding styles but it generally contains alcohol and so it dries out to become stiff in the hair. Hair wax doesn’t... Read more
Men’s Hair Products
I do find it slightly infuriating that so much information is available for women’s hair products and so little for men’s products. This mirrors the situation in the supermarket aisle where men’s products are relegated to a small section in the corner. I assume that this bias is because the manufacturers believe... Read more