Fresh or Frozen: A tale of Ice Fishing
Ice fishing is one of the rarest forms of fishing, with most having not tried it. It is imperative, before the procedure occurs, to ensure that the frozen ice is stable, for your safety. On a frozen lake or river, one chisels or picks a hole into the ice. It is... Read more
Hooked on Fishing

Hooked on Fishing

Fishing June 1, 2016 0

Fishing for leisure, otherwise known as recreational or sport fishing, is a predominantly male activity. It first became popular in the 16th and 17th century, when a series of literature was published regarding the topic. The invention of boats promoted the beginnings of ‘big-game fishing,’ where the person would try and catch... Read more
Fish for Frying: The Dangers of Commercial fishing
Commercial fishing is the act of collecting ones catch and exchanging it for monetary value. There are fisheries that are within the industry, which may either be owned by large corporations or small family businesses. This market is notoriously difficult to break into. The current fisheries that exist have been forced to... Read more
Fishing for the Shallow Man: Fly Fishing
Fly fishing is a form of fishing that requires a particular knowledge regarding the equipment used. The main equipment is a fly rod, a reel, and line. A simulated or synthetic fly is used as bait for fish or other sea creatures. Synthetic flies can be made of varying different materials and... Read more
Hook, Line and Sinker: An Overview of Fishing
Fishing is an ancient art that predates to over 40, 000 years ago and is still held in high regard today. Evidence from the Paleolithic period suggest it was originally used as a form of survival, as a way in which hunter-gathers collected food, in Egypt and India. In contemporary culture, the... Read more